Julian Perry

Benachre Birch III

56th Venice Biennale 2015

6th May -22nd November

Vita Vitale

Vita Vitale reflects on the delicate balance of our planet's ecosystem and man's destructive footprint within it.    


9 May – 22 November 2015  (Official opening 6 May 2015, by invitation only)

10am – 6pm, daily (except Mondays)

Venue: Ca’ Garzoni, Calle del Tragheto o Garzoni, San Marco 3416, 30124





Benacre Birch III 2015 . Oil on panel 243cm x 182cm

"With Vita Vitale Azerbaijan looks forward, and beyond its geographic borders, providing a platform for international artists and scientists who grapple with the ecological challenges we face globally today and tomorrow as a result of our technological advances, and the consequent rise in consumerism".  (Talking About Art)

Vita Vitale

Presented by IUCN (international union for the conservation of nature) and IDEA International Dialogue for the  Environment

Curated by Artwise (London) Susie Allen, Laura Culpan and Dea Vanagan

Commissioner: The Heydar Aliyev Foundation

Venue: Azerbaijan (second) Pavilion, Palazzo Garzoni  (Map)

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Edward Burtynsky, Canada; Mircea Cantor, Romania/France; Loris Cecchini, Italy; Gordon Cheung, England; Khalil Chishtee, Pakistan/USA; Tony Cragg, England /Germany; Laura Ford, Wales; Noémie Goudal, France; Siobhán Hapaska, Ireland; Paul Huxley, England; IDEA Laboratory and Leyla Aliyeva, Azerbaijan; Chris Jordan with Rebecca Clark andHelena S.Eitel, USA; Tania Kovats, England; Aida Mahmudova, Azerbaijan; Sayyora Muin, Uzbekistan; Jacco Olivier, The Netherlands; Julian Opie, England; Julian Perry, England; Mike Perry, England/Wales; Bas Princen, The Netherlands/Singapore; Stephanie Quayle, Isle of Man/England; Ugo Rondinone, Switzerland/USA; Graham Stevens, England; Diana Thater, USA; Andy Warhol, USA; Bill Woodrow, England; Erwin Wurm, Austria; Rose Wylie, England

Scientific Curator for the IDEA Laboratory: Rachel Armstrong, Professor of Experimental Architecture, Newcastle University and 2010 Senior TED Fellow; featuring ecoLogicStudio, Julian Melchiorri, Mike Perry, Studio Swine.

Vita Vitale  venue: Azerbaijan (second) Pavilion Palazzo Garzoni 

Julian Perry Catalogue entry:

Julian Perry's Benacre Birch series together with Benacre Tree  depict silver birch trees painted on a stretch of Suffolk coastline. Each image  captures the moment the trees topple over the cliffs of Benacre, an area that suffers up to ten meters of erosion a year, the highest rate in the Uk. The trees' exposed roots convey the violence of erosion, whilst the clumps of land, still bearing the grass that grow around the trunks , express the moment of the cliffs' disintegration. Benacre Birch III and Benacre Tree even appear to hover above the places where they had stood only a moment before, their barren branches signifying loss.

The paintings immense scale adds to the sense of turbulence; it seems as if the fragments of trees and land could fall onto the viewer gazing upward. Although drawn from present-day Suffolk, the wild plants surrounding Perry's silver Birch trees recall Albrecht Durer's  1503 watercolour, The Great Piece of Turf, especially the dandelions to the left of the trunks delineated in Benacre Birch I.

Dr Alison Bracker, Vita Vitale. 


 Benacre Birch  2015                  Oil on panel 243 x 182cm


  Benacre Birch I I  2015                 Oil on panel    243 x  182cm  



Benacre Tree 2015                    Oil on panel  42cm x 31cm


Installation Photos Venice 2015 (through doorway Stephanie Quayle's 'Jenga" installation.)

Julian Perry Vita Vitale